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I'm a chemical engineering student with two homes - one in Brunei and another in Kuala Lumpur - who is determined to have her own coffee house named 'mocQa' in another 10 years. A first daughter to the most supportive and wonderful parents, Abdul Rahim and Nor Raihan. A girl who looks upon Audrey Hepburn as her idol. I play the guitar (pretty much the only musical instrument I can play apart from the bonang). I direct and act in theatres. I dance traditional dances. I sing in choirs with my fellow singer friends. And I sketch. I just love arts SO MUCH! I'm totally into photography. I swim ever since I was a kid. I adore anything that brings peace especially the beach. I LOVE BEACHES! I am easily fascinated over butterflies. Oh, and by the way, my name's EQA.
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