The results for our university applications were out. Everybody was busy checking if they made the cut. Everybody was excited and nervous at the same time. So after being at the Low Yat Plaza for the whole day and having a short nap when I got home I went online to find out if I'm accepted. I was very pleased to know that I was offered a place in Universiti Malaysia Pahang for a Bachelor in Chemical Engineering (Biotech). Although Forensic Science is my first choice, Biotech is not a bad offer at all. I should be registering on the first day of July. It's already the 25th of June and I haven't finish preparing my stuff yet. So many things to do and yet there's so little time.....
In a few days' time I'll be on my way to Pahang for the next chapter of my life as a student.
Wish me luck!

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SitiNur said...

Salam Eqa..

Dear... you write so well!! Like father like daughter, huh? :)

Good luck with your new chapter of life. Work hard, strive for the best but dont forget to enjoy, kay dear.

Whenever you are packing.. make sure EVERYTHING is in. (Jgn tinggal2 barang dah yer. Hihi).

And pls.. pls.. pls.. take care. There are loads of sharks and alligators out there! ;)

Ka Ann said...

Hi Eqa,

ALHAMDULILLAH & Congratulations! I am proud of you Darling. Hope everything is in shape. This is just a new chapter of a new episode. Haha I agree with Kak Ita! Jgn lupa barang2 and beware of Sharks and Alligators out there. And have fun too!


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