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As a first task for my Technical English class all of us had to make one blog account just for this subject. It's like a class journal which my lecturer will occasionally check. You can check it out by clicking here or just click the link. You can also check my classmates' blogs from there.

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yossielena said...

Hi Eqa - Kak Lena here. I'm not sure if you still remember me. Oh my goodness, how time flies. I can't believe you are at the U. The last time I saw you, you were this cute little girl running around with Chloe in Brunei. Look at you now!

I just want to say that I am very, very, very, proud of you. I am confident that you will leave a mark at your U and you will make a good name for yourself.

Insya-Allah, we will see each other again - and we can have a good long chat about what has been happening in your life.

We miss you a lot!

kak Lena

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