Majlis Interaksi Mesra [MIM]

After weeks of preparation and a number of sleepless nights we - the JPKs of KK3 - handled the ceremony pretty well. The ceremony started a bit later than the scheduled time as we were waiting for the VIPs. As this is my first time being the person in charge of the publicity (publicity? why not..) and documentation, I was quite nervous. Wondering if I'll make any mistake or will there be any problems with the multimedia. Some of the JPK1 and JPK2 will be there. Some of the MPP will be there. Prof Jalil will certainly be there. However, with help and advices from all the seniors, members of the committee and Bro Jamil of MPP, the whole presentation went on beautifully. There was a discreet flaw when I didn't have time to turn on the gamelan music as Professor Jalil was walking too fast towards the stage. Fortunately, nobody noticed (I hope). Apart from that everything went on smoothly and I'm quite certain they liked the video that I made for them. All the slides and videos had hints of my trademark - butterflies. As the ceremony was for Kolej Kediaman 3 which is the girls' hostel, I figured butterflies wouldn't be a problem. It is tiring being one of the members of the committee but I enjoy every minute of it especially with seniors like Kak Izah, Kak Santini and Kak Deebah, my faithful friend-cum-partner Suria and everyone else whom are very nice and helpful. So guys, hontoni arigatougozaimasu!

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