this blur called life

She loses herself in a song
doesn't want to be found
lets her worries fall to the ground

plays it louder again and again
doesn't want the tears to begin
to just forget the places she's been

if only these notes
were a cure to her pain
for the tears that still remain

no voice speaks loud enough
it seems she's heard it all
now she puts up this wall

in hopes that someone
will tear it down
and forever wipe off her frown

it's not what she wants
as tears stream down her face
she's lost something that she cannot replace

all she wanted, all she needs
is someone to hold her
and make sense of this blur

1 flew over the cuckoo's nest:

SitiNur said...

Cik kak,
Jgn blur2. Hehe.

Pls update stories on Mama and Nenek after coming back from umrah. TQ!!

I seriously miss them!!!

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