this blur called life [vol.2]

She drowned herself again
in the loudness of the crowd
in the craziness of despair
she loses herself there

the blur that blocks
her sight and senses
it has come again

the tears that flows
when all hopes seems hopeless
it has come again

give her an empty box
so she can fill it with her sorrows
dump the lumps of unhappiness
and throw it far away

all she needs is someone to be there
to just listen and tell her
that the rain won't be forever

all she wants, all she needs
is someone to hold her
and make sense of this blur

3 flew over the cuckoo's nest:

Peedot said...

Life is like a cycle.. sometimes, there are lot's of unwanted things happen..but remember this, when He gives us raining, just be patient..rainbow will lead right after..

there is no triumph without loose,
no victory without suffering,
and no wisdom without sacrifice..

May Allah bless us always :)

daydreamer said...

the rain wont be 4ever...

daydreamer said...


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