reminiscing the best holiday EVER!

I was just reading my mom's blog for like the 16th time. I just love the pictures that she posted along with the retelling of our latest holiday trip to Sabah last semester break. Those were some of the few pictures that survived when my dad accidentally formatted his laptop. And I'm sure glad they survived because the pictures were great hilarious!

This is one of the fun pictures that were
posted on antheqtpie titled All in the Family

aiman | mama | wawa | aa | papa | adib

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sYafiQ said...

dats sound sweets..

mocQachinno said...

hwah3..syafiq, lama x nmpk kt blogger atmosphere ni. miss you, bro!

Anonymous said...

Is that A'aa? Wow! She grew so fast! I guess the tallest among the 3 princesses? ;)

I am sure, it is one of the sweetest family memories. Ada class... :)

::.chocolate ice.:: said...

ala eqa,syapik kn dh sibuk.
so,jrg2 la berblogging ni..huhu..

cumil2 sume adek-beradek anda.lalala~

Ka Ann Nor Raihan said...

Ita: Yeah.. AA is the tallest. She's wearing a Size 7 shoes now. Hope you and your angels were here! I really missed Michiko and Noriko.

mocQachinno said...

kak ita, really miss my nieces over there. ble nk blek cni?

yeah..AA is the talest so far.xtao bdk tu mkn pe...dia xnk share ngn ktowg.

haha..seems like semakin kemudian kedudukan dlm keluarga, semakin tggilah dia.

and yeah...mereka mmg comey2 blaka, bob. tgkla spe parents dia.

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