why they say it's scary!

30 minutes ago..
in WBK20

It was quiet as the grave. I looked down to the floor. Blue pens and calculator covers were all scattered around. Huh! No wonder they say Thermodynamics is scary. People didn't even notice their things falling off their desks. Or are they too busy to even care? Then I looked at my own paper. There wasn't anything I can add to it anymore. A few butterflies wouldn't hurt but I just let it be - flipping the pages every once in a while. Then in came a lecturer.

"Fifteen minutes left", she said.

OK, I thought. I'll just have to bear another fifteen minutes. No biggie.

So as I was fiddling with my pencil, came a more familiar lecturer.

"Sorry class, but there's been a mistake with one of the questions". I kinda guessed she would say that, but not now. Not when there's only 10 minutes left. "Question 2(a) is canceled."

HAH!! I knew there was something wrong with the question. No wonder my final answer was weird. But still, they should have said that earlier. Try 10 minutes after the test start. I was cracking my head for a canceled question. Uggghhh...

Then out she went with about five minutes left.

I thought. Only another five minutes. No biggie..

4 flew over the cuckoo's nest:

Farani Mustafa said...

better luck next time!

Sengal Ubi said...

scored low in my test 1, but test 2 i did lot better.

thermodynamics? one of my favourite?

DuNia seOraNg pEriNdu said...

cmer la kiter eQa...

FaDLi said...

gewd luck for the result...confirm score...hehehhe

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