'Hari Bermalas-malasan'

'Hari Bermalas-malasan' is what I call all my holidays. I love holidays. Well, who doesn't? I believe everybody love holidays. No difference there. The only thing that's different is their reason for loving holidays. For a girl who usually has no free space in her schedule like me, holidays are for lazing around and sleeping my eyes out. It's the time for me to detangle the haywire inside my head, sort out all the jumbled pieces and lists like 'Things To Do', 'Works To Be Done', 'Things To Buy', 'Meetings To Attend', 'Assignment Deadlines', 'Movies To Watch', 'Books To Read' and 'SALEs Dates'. All these mental lists can finally be sort out and I am able to reset my pace. The best thing about holidays is that I'll practically laze around and sleep so much that the only thing that I think of when I wake up is that I'm done sleeping, done lazing around and I'm all ready to start my work again. I didn't quite understand when people used to say "I need a holiday". Well, I do now.

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Anonymous said...

I could not agree with you any more. Everyone likes holidays. In holidays, people could do whatever they want, without list of work around their minds. When i am off, i always like playing poker games.

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adie de viRus said...

first of all, i hope u will be my frenz...
based from ur topic, i want to shared during the holiday what i did..
i'm not very hapy with my holiday..
bcause i've finished the holiday at ump...huhuhu...
but, i've work to do...
completed the asgnments, walked around ump and everything...
if i have been selected to join masum at kedah, maybe 9 of june i'll back my hometown...

p/s: sory about the broken english that i used...i'm not competent about this language

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