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It's been a long time since there's been anything new in here. The last thing I wrote got people asking me what went wrong. Then they started to ask me why I haven't written anything for quite a while. They sure have a lot of questions to ask. All I told them is that I wasn't feeling very well. It is true but it wasn't the whole truth.

The truth is, I do have a lot to write. A lot to share. A lot to tell. But I didn't write one bit because I didn't want to.

I guess I'm just fed up with these people. Why do these people even care if I don't write when they never listen to a word I say? Why should they be eager to read my words when they don't even take me seriously? I write something and they will read and give great comments but when I try to voice it out they'll just be like 'Aww...look at that little girl talking' and simply made fun of me. I'm sick and tired of people looking at me that way. What's the difference anyway? Verbally or literally, they still came from the same place: my mind. What's the matter with this people? It's like they can't differentiate the times when I'm joking around and being utterly silly and when I'm talking about something serious. So if people won't take what I say seriously, what's the point in writing it right?

There's just so many things that happened these past weeks. Things that made me feel and think a lot. Things that I would usually post an entry about. But as soon as I got in front of my laptop, the mood just drained away and I just turned it right back off. One look at my blog and I see all those faces who see me as a little girl who's mumbling something inaudible. I guess I've reached my limits. I used to blog so I can speak my mind. Now I can't even post an entry because I'm afraid it would hurt people's feelings. Maybe I'm gonna make this blog private some day. That way I can write whatever about whoever I want and I don't have to worry about hurting people.

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Dyat said...

Salam eqa.

Kita tak boleh kawal orang lain.
Dan bukan kerja kita bagi orang lain faham. Itu kerja tuhan.

Menulis untuk memahami adalah lebih baik dari menulis untuk difahami.

hoho... peace selalu!

mocQachinno said...


Thanx Dayat. Tp masalahnya skrg bkn pd penulisan.

Mungkin sesetengah org masih menganggap eqa ni bdk2. So ape yg eqa ckp dowg wat endah x endah je. "Ala..bdk2,biasalah tu. Byk ckp."

Kalau dh mcm tu anggapan owg nk wat cne. Biar je la.

Farani Mustafa said...


Ka Ann Nor Raihan said...

Being sensitive and insensitive are human nature. Writing is a therapy. We are living in a free country, so have your say because I know they love to read it even though they thought it sucks! The most important thing is be in control and do not get out of the track.

I know you can.

P/S: I love you eQa. :)

arch-t said...

ur blog = ur own space
screw them!

hahaha xD

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