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The final Senandika curtain call closed the two-day event at Taman Budaya Pahang. Fiesta Teater Senandika which was held on the 4th and 5th of April 2009 was the first of its kind to be organized by Kumpulan Teater Senandika of Universiti Malaysia Pahang. UMP Vice Chancelor and his wife attended the closing ceremony which was also the night for Adaptasi Kerusi directed by Farani Mustafa. The house also witnessed Azlan Umar, director of Ubat the Musical, performing one of his song with his fellow musicians.

The night before that was all about Teruk and Tambat Kaki. Teruk, directed by Fakhrul Shahidan (aka Bob), was received well by the audience. I've watched the rehearsal many times before but my heart was racing as I watched it being played for the audience that night. There was a loud and satisfying applause from the audience at the end of the play. Then it was Tambat Kaki's turn. If my heart was racing when I watched Teruk, it felt like my heart was going to burst out of my chest as Amir stepped onstage to recite a poem by Zahiril Adzim. Few seconds later, it hit me: the play which I directed was starting. I was freaking nervous.

Being a director for the first time was not easy - especially when you're the only first-year director while the other three were third-year students who have the experience of being in a real production before. The pressure is there. Luckily, I have my mentor Kak Yana to help me with all the basic knowledge of theater. And Bob, my co-pilot, also helped a lot. Then there was a whole bunch of other seniors who shared their opinion and comments. They really helped out. Thanks so much guys! Dealing with the crew and actors needs a lot of patience and people skills. I learned how to deal with people and pressure at the same time. But thankfully, my crew and actors were well-disciplined and able to accept criticism. They helped and sacrificed a lot to make this theatre a success. Kudos to you guys!

Alhamdulillah... the show went well. There was a minor technical misunderstanding, confusion and flusteration going on backstage but that's theatre. Thanks again to Bob as the stage manager of the night for handling it well. The audience's response was a satisfactory. The theatre got mixed reviews but most of them were positive. Personally, I still think there are lots more to improve. We need to improve if we're going to win the MAKUM trophy. Yes dear seniors, we'll hold on to that dream with all our might. That trophy will be in UMP someday, right Kerabat Muda Senandika? Speaking of awards, Tambat Kaki won three of Anugerah Senandika:

Anugerah Kirana
Busana Terbaik

Anugerah Sukmasari
Pelakon Harapan Wanita
Pelakon Pembantu Lelaki Terbaik

Production Crew
Teruk | Tambat Kaki

Ironically, as this was the first production for most of us, it was also the last for some. After the cancellation of MAKUM '08, I thought I'd never had the opportunity to be in a production with the seniors especially the four musketeers: Bob, Bad, Rani and Syafiq. I think that would be the only time we are in a production together. Thanks to the production crew and the whole Senandika family for helping out. Also, thanks to Epul and Kerabat Alumni Senandika especially Bro Peedot for coming. We really appreciate it. And most thanks goes to Amiruddin Fadzli (aka Pak Ngah) for making it all happen. Kudos to you!

*all pictures are of Tambat Kaki*
(photo credit to my classmates)

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Anonymous said...

Wow! This is a very valuable experience, Eqa!! Great that you tried. To handle people and stress is never easy. Kudos to you! :)

Sengal Ubi said...

Kudos to you too for taking up the challenge being a director. That ain't easy for sure.

Ka Ann Nor Raihan said...

Slm eQa, Congratulations!!! I know it's your first time directing, and I'm proud of you. Though it's quite challenging, you proved it girl. Winning 3 awards is something very motivating isn't it? Keep it up! Kudos..


mocQachinno said...

to kak ita:
it is very valuable indeed. learnt a lot through it. syukur sbb dpt pluang ni. hehe~

to amir:
yup2. thanks for believing in me and giving me the opportunity. *wink2*

to mummy dearest:
thanx ma! wished you guys were here and watching the show. i'll be thousand times happier if you guys were. hehe~

Anonymous said...

congrat ek eQa for ur first pementasan.sori couldnt make it on da hari kejadian.saje je nk wish lambat2 neh,mende dah nasi pon.haha.

mocQachinno said...

tu la..MS Garden tu sebelah je pon. smpat je kalau nk lari2 kjap tgk teater.haha

thanx neways Daoz..better late than never they say.heheh

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