mask on, everybody!

Last night all my classmates of K27 wore masks during our whole lab session due to prevention of the infamous H1N1 virus.
It made my spectacles go all foggy.
But as they say, curing is never better that preventing.
So mask on, people!
(I think I'm going to ask my mom to send some with the cute designs from Brunei)

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me|an!s fufu|al!Ce said...

kenapa tiaada gmbar saya??? aha!!! jelez2.. tdoq p0n pkai mask kot

Anonymous said...

anonymous in the house!!!
btw, u look cute

mocQachinno said...

anis: semangat gle tdo pn pkai mask.haha

anonymous: thanx dear mr anonymous.hehe

Summer said...

Oh great! And show us those cute mask..=D

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The Brown Mestizo

Ka Ann Nor Raihan said...

Yeah we bought 10 different colors and cute designs and were given 1 free. =) We even took pictures of the newly washed and hanged masks on the clothesline. Will upload the picture later.. Insya Allah, you can choose yours but me and Najeeha were like.. "OMG these mask are cute!" and we wanted to buy all of them. LOL. But the one made of cloth is not filtering tiny particles as the doctors said but once again prevention is better than cure. And they are washable... cheers!

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