I'm proudly a '-ty'!

If you asked me a year ago I would never have wanted to be 20. I would have said that I just want to stay a '-teen' forever. Because being a '-ty' sounds OLD. It doesn't sound fun. So I really didn't want to be a '-ty'. I thought that when the time comes, I'd be reluctant to join the '-ty' group. It seems that I thought wrong. As I was living the last days of my life as a '-teen', I realized that being a '-ty' isn't that bad. It's actually kinda fun. I was ready to be a '-ty' and I was actually excited about it. So here I am, proudly announcing that I am already 20 years of age. YEAY! 20 years of living life (almost) to the fullest. And I'm truly grateful for that. Because in the end it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.

And since it's my 20th birthday, I want to play a game of
Twenty Questions with you guys! It is my birthday, people, so humor me. (*_*)

For those who didn't already know the game you can read about it here. However, I'm not playing the traditional TQ. In my version of TQ, you get to ask a maximum of 20 questions and I will answer ALL of them in my next post. It can be a simple yes-or-no question or a long explanatory one. Silly or complicated. Personal or general. It can be about cars, or houses, or animals. It can be related to me or something way out of the topic. It can be anything you can ever think of.

Questions can be asked via comments through Blogger or Facebook. The next post will be published in exactly seven days from now so go ahead and ask before Valentine's. Have fun creating questions!

15 flew over the cuckoo's nest:

kamaluddinsarif said...


kamal doakan agar Eqa mendapat rahamat, berkat dan keredhaan-Nya, dipanjangkan umur, dimurahkan rezeki, mendapat kebahagian dan kejayaan di dunia dan di akhirat kelak.

menjadi ceria dah sentiasa gembira... :)

Anonymous said...

TQ?? Hahahaha... you are so creative and cute! Soalan add maths ok tak? Hihihihi...

nur fitrina mat nawi said...

epi birthday ye eqa...
eqa da msok 20..

Dyat said...

Salam eqa.
Selamat hari lahir.
Moga diberkati umur dan dimurahkan rezeki :)

Anonymous said...

hp bday my lil' eQa.would be good if i can celebrate ur bday with u at tc! ;(

mocQachinno said...

Amin...thanks for the wishes, Kamal. Terima kasih kerana mendoakan. Happy to have a friend like you. =D

Kak Ita,
hehe..thank you..thank you..and thank you. soalan add math pun boleh je. asal nama soalan. haha~

ngeheheh..eqa dah join the twenties club.nina bila lagi??

Bro Dayat,
juga terima kasih kerana mendoakan. =]

yesss... it would really2 be good if we can do that kan? but at least we did that last year. we can always do it differently this year. =)

mocQachinno said...

oh and btw, i don't see any questions here. hurm...

Diriku.... said...

happy birthday eh kakak!!!
always be cute girl,k...

mocQachinno said...

tenkiu2..sowi kalau eqa byk maen2 mse latihan.hehe..next practice eqa nk adiah!!!

Anonymous said...

this is part 1 of ur 20Qs.

1.what is ur biggest fear?

2.what is one of ur dirty little secret?(lucky u i din ask 4 da dirtiest)

3.what is on top of ur wishlist?

4.what is ur current favourite tune?

5.what is ur most anticipating movie to watch this year?

6.paragliding or bungee jumping?

7.how do u like ur birthday to be celebrated?(in a logical way,to have johnny depp on ur birthday is considered impossible)

8.if u aren't studying chemical engineering,what probably are u studying?

9.do u believe in magic?Y/N

10.what do u think about me?explain briefly(honestly).

these r the easy one i guess.da next 10 will b harder.be prepared.

nur fitrina mat nawi said...

nina bulan 4 nnt..

mocQachinno said...

ok la for part 1 of ur 20Qs. still looking for another 10Qs eh? bring it on....

hehe..tggu ye nnt.

Najeeha Rahim said...

Eqa, here goes:
1. Do you know why The Aa is awesomer than The Eqa?
2. Will you name your awesome third daughter after me?
3. What would feel like doing if you see a shemale who looks like your bestfriend?
4. Who are you obsessing over right now?
5. Do you remember who said this to me last year? 'Adek, Lexus doodie.' :D hehee
6. Don't you just LOOVE Blu-Tack?
7. I'm planning to go to Germany and date Tom Kaulitz. Wanna join?
8. Will you buy me an iPod nano 5g in orange?
9. Do you think that you're as sexy as Amitabh Bhachan? HAHAHA.
10. I believe in Aliens. Do you?
11. Is it true that there's a spot on your head that if a bullet hits it, your whole head blows up?
12. Do you understand what i just asked you?
13. Do you know what the longest word in the English dictionary is? (Cause i do. That's just how awesome i am.)
14. Would you trust me with your life? :D
15. Can you describe the kinda person that you can imagine me dating? *winkwink
16. If you have a mole the size of hell, would you rather have it on your nose or mouth/lips?
17. Do you care about everything i say to or about you? :D
18. What does the color Orange remind you of?
19. Hmm...what else should i ask you?
20. Ooh, did you know that there's a shop in Miri called 'Kedai Babi'? Hahaha. stupid.
21. Did you know that i was gonna ask you 21 questions but then i remembered that this 'thingy' is called 20-questions so i decided to not ask you the 21st question?

Yang benar:
Aa :D

Anonymous said...

here r another 10 of ur 20Qs.i guess i just go easy on u.totally no academic,and nothing too personal.mostly hypothetical.please enjoy urself while answering them.

11.if u could have ANY animal as a pet,what would it be?

12.if u're to be named after a place,what would u choose?

13.being grown up and growing up,which is better?

14.what is the weirdest thing happened to u?

15.do u agree to this;life is a maze and love is a riddle.

16.if u could posses a superpower,what would it be and what would ur supername be?

17.what is ur wildest dream?

18.define afiqah (eQa) rahim in 5 words.

19.complete this.the world will not be the same without eQa because ________.

20.say u are time traveled and met urself as a kid,what would u say to little eQa?

ps:looking forward for ur answers. ;)

mocQachinno said...

dear beloved ones, i have read your Qs and am preparing the answers. the answers will be posted shortly. please know that i am deeply sorry to have delayed the reply. this is due to internet difficulties and lack of free time.


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