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No, ladies and gentlemen, you did not click on a random link by accident. You may have expected to see the old brown scrapbook-like blog full of butterflies and whatnot. Well, this is still the same old Idiosyncrasies of a Lady with a brand new look. Yes, I've taken my blog through a makeover session.

Before my final exams started, I promised a very good friend that I would redecorate her blog. She liked the former look of my blog and would like something like that for hers as well. I also promised my little sister that I would create a new blog for her. When the final exams ended, I started working on those mini projects and when I'm done, I seem to have some extra hours with nothing in particular to do besides the usual chores. So, I figured: why not redecorate my own blog as well? I was starting to get weary of the old look of my blog, anyway. So I decided to go with a different look. Even blogs need a little facelift every now and then. Am I right or am I right?

Although the concept of the new look does not differ much from the old one, this look presents more colours. I tried to keep the widgets as simple as possible so as not to make it look too crowded.

This is how the blog looked like before:

and this is how it looks like now:

So, what do you think?

2 flew over the cuckoo's nest:

Melody said...

i like the old one better. but u can totally ignore this comment. hehe.

mocQachinno said...

itu la.. masa mula2 nak tukar ni rasa sayang sangat. it took me a while jugak la baru tukar. xpe2, kalau rasa nak tukar nanti tukar balik yang lama tu. hehehe~

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