making the 'hantaran'

This morning I woke up to see everybody in the house busy cleaning, redecorating and whatnot as preparation to Bro Hafiz (my cousin)'s wedding. Later that morning, I went to see Amre, my old classmate in KMK (my former college). Haven't seen him for over a month. He introduced me to his best friend, Khai and his pet sis, Dalila. They were both friendly but Dalila was the more talkative one. Khai is taking Japanese classes before heading to Japan to further his studies. We spent the day hanging out around Alor Star until after midday.

When I got home the house was just as busy as when I left. Curtain-sewing and more cleaning inside the house while the guys were mixing cement outside. They were cementing the parking space just outside the front porch. But the best part of the business is making the 'hantaran'. Practically everybody was involved in making the 'hantaran'. It has always been the most fun part of the whole wedding preparation. The aunts and grandmas will decorate the presents in such ornate and creative way with a touch of the traditional Malay culture which softens the overall look. The wedding is this Sunday. Can't wait!

I only managed to take pictures while we were making the 'hantaran'. Here's a few...
(the guy holding the fan is the groom)

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