modern nomad

I just arrived in Alor Star a few hours ago. Lately the nickname 'modern nomad' given by my friends from my former college seems to suit me perfectly. I've never stayed at one place for too long. Constantly moving from KL to Brunei to Sarawak to KL again and this is if you look at it roughly. It has been about a month since my final exams and I've been hopping from one place to another during the holidays. I flew to Brunei to spend the first few weeks of my holidays with my family. Then I got back to Malaysia and later found myself at my relatives' house in Shah Alam, Port Dickson, and Kuala Lumpur respectively. Now I'm at my uncles' in Alor Star. I've been to numerous places growing up. Never stayed at one place for more than 4 years which sometimes complicate things especially when it comes to people asking where I live or even the simplest things like filling up a form for the new school. Every time we move to another place I have to memorize a new address, phone number and the names and faces of my new neighbors. This also means I have to find a new group of friends. I guess living a life that is so familiar to changes makes me the type of person who gets bored easily by stereotypical routines. Always finding a way to change things and be anything but ordinary. Although, it's not entirely a bummer. On the bright side, I get to know people from lots of places. Different people with different attitude, style, habit, culture, race and alternate views of life and everything in it. It widens my view of the world and the situations happening in it. So I'd say that being a 'modern nomad' is not that bad. Sure, sometimes it's hard especially when you are traveling with a bunch of big bags and huge boxes not knowing where to put them since you are living with your aunts' and uncles' all over the country but eventually you'll learn how to deal with it and independently solve other problems in life.

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