disastrous experiment

Last night I landed on my bed at 3.30 am after finishing some of my countless assignments. My body was so worn out but my mind wouldn't stop thinking about all my unfinished work and suddenly the thoughts of all the tests and quizzes for the next two weeks made it seemed like there's no way I was going to sleep. As much as I wanted to doze off and shut my body down, I couldn't sleep until around after 4.00 am. The thoughts of a quiz and an experiment I was about to have in less than four hours slowly fading away...

I slept for a mere couple of hours and had to prepare for my least favorite experiment in chemistry. I went to the lab feeling so clueless due to excessive brain activity and couldn't think straight without straining my neurons. What upsets me more was that none of my group members really understand the experiment. Still clueless, I forced my brain to think of answers for the 10-minute pre-experiment quiz. The experiment went on disastrously. It wasn't like our first experiment which we did rather flawlessly. Yeah, today didn't go so well and I'm in no mood to elaborate...

note: this is our first experiment. that's why we look happy

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~ainulnadira~ said...

salam ya ukhti...

nice blog neway...=)
actually, i frgt my old blog accnt bcz it has been a long time x sign in...

hey, u did't tell me bout dis...hw could u...he2

i just wnt to say dat...
as a stdnt, as a good dghter, as a nice sis to our siblings, or as anybody...we have a big responsiblity actually...
no mtter wht has hppned just take it as a chllenge and as our respnsiblity...ok...=)

*the expermnt was x so bad r8..he2
it's ok dear..as long as u wear safety helmet n safety boots..he2
*don't sleep too late..=)

ok sweety eqa...tke care yaa during holidays...=)

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