please be safe....

This afternoon while eating, I got a call from my mother. She was at Anjang's house in Subang Jaya where they held the doa selamat ceremony before Mama and Nenek's departure. They are going for their umrah. Hearing her voice really made me miss her ten times more.

Suddenly there it was again..the same memory that has been playing in my mind like a video over and over these few days. A clear visual of my mom chasing the express bus which I missed b
y three minutes. I was supposed to be on that bus to get back to Pahang. Wearing a baju kurung, she was running with all her might despite her recent ailment after the bus - carrying my laptop bag along with her. At that moment I thought I had already missed the bus. There's no way the bus is going to stop. I went after her and tried to tell her that the bus was not going to stop but she didn't hear me and kept running. To my amazement, the bus did stop and I was able to get on it. I was still stunned by what had happened when I kissed my mother, thanked her and got on the bus. I couldn't believe that my mother chased and stopped the bus.

On the phone, she told me that she was driven by her instinct and asked me if I'm embarrassed by it. How can a child be embarrassed when a mother is putting herself aside for her child's sake? On the contrary, I'm overwhelmingly touched by it and couldn't thank her enough. It really showed me that a mother will do literally anything and sacrifice practically everything for their children. I'm blessed to have a mother like Mama and a father like Papa. They are my everything. So Ma and Nenek, please be safe while you are away...

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SitiNur said...

Thank you, Eqa for putting their photos up. I really miss them, ya know!!! Keep on putting photos of Tok Rahman's family. You bridge me to them. :)

Yeah, my prayer goes to them as well. Alhamdulillah, what they wish for finally became into reality.

Yes, dear. I am amazed by what your Mama did too. I was imagining her praying for God's help, zikr (like she always does) while chasing the bus. God bless her. Love her and never ever upset her, will you?

mocQachinno said...

wakarimashitte! kak ita.

insyaAllah i will post more pictures of Tok Rahman's desccendants.

you take care over there aite?
send my regards to the rest of the crew..

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