row, row, row your boat..

Like every Wednesday night, we had our RAKSI last night. In the beginning, we were all hesitant to go because of the numerous assignments and upcoming tests but we went anyways as it was compulsory for first-year students. This time, the task was to make a boat out of nothing but paper and plastic straws. We were separated into two groups and the winner will be chosen according to the boat's endurance and our creativity. It should be big enough for three persons to sit on. We started clueless but eventually enjoyed making the boat once we got the hang of it..and what you see in the picture was the result. It was not that handsome or charming but at least it did look like a boat. And it was really a memorable moment.
PS: neither of the groups won.

2 flew over the cuckoo's nest:

sYafiQ said...

title post kmu ni mengingtkn fiq time muda2 dlu..time sekolah rendah dlu...hihi...rndu sgt time kck2...coz rse cm driku nkl sgt2...hihi

mocQachinno said...

memang rasa macam budak-budak pun masa tu.main dengan kertas & straw, buat kapal.hehe

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