At this very moment...

Used tissue paper are all over my desk
(got infected by my roommate, I think)

I'm in the middle of a carrefour

(as in crossroad, not the supermarket)

I have tonnes of work to do

(preparation for my quizzes, tests, finals, exhibition, presentation and whatnot)

My ATM card is still blocked

(I entered the wrong pin number twice! what was I thinking?)

I must study for tomorrow's test

(lets not forget the presentation)

I feel like seeing my family

(because the last time I saw them was during the Ice Age)

6 flew over the cuckoo's nest:

stitch said...

ni pe kes, belum sempat usia matang dah nyanyuk! byk mkn semut ar ni...

nyway best of luck on all ur test!!!

mocQachinno said...

haha..mne de mkn semut.kuih sarang semut de la =]

neways, thanx for the wish bro!

SitiNur said...

HIhihi.. Lawak pulak. Byk makan semut??

Eqa is a type of person who needs a PA . Am I right, dear? :)

Take care.

mocQachinno said...

Got that right! Sape nk jd PA eqa dh bleh start isi form dh.haha~

MAMA said...

I miss you too my dear.. and all the best in your tests, final exams, quizzes, exhibition, presentations etc.. and get some rest too... ;) Mama will always pray for your success... from a distance and remember you are ALWAYS in our heart! Muuuaaahh! Take care.. P/S: Kak Ita is rite, I was your PA from baby till... and now you will have to get your own dear, haha! The forms must hand over to me first for final approval! :P

ram_lalala said...

yg tisu2 tu mcm terase plak...
actualy i la PA eqa...huhuhu..
hahaha...tetibe je...

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