my life in 7 words

The idea to publish this post originally came from my sister, Aa, who is insanely interested in weird, funny, brain-twisting, neuron-straining stuff. The topic came up while we were hanging out one day in Brunei.

I said : Define your life in SEVEN words.

She answered : "My life is 'a balancing game of decisions and results'. There, 7 words."

I asked my other sister, Wawa, for her definition of life in just SEVEN words and her answer was short, simple and straightforward :


Those were their answers. What is yours?

How would you sum up your life in exactly 7 words?

You can answer by leaving comments for this post. Feel free to be as expressive, creative and honest as you can be.

My 7 words?

I'll post the 7 words of my life in exactly 7 days from the day this post is published. Until then, enjoy defining your life in 7 words.

2 flew over the cuckoo's nest:

::.chocolate ice.:: said...

so,kite tggu that 7 words from kamu dulu ye..huhu~

Faris said...

Its all right,I'll try again later

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