immortalized friendship

Dear F2t6,

I seriously miss you guys and I can't wait to reunite once again with my fellow F2T6ians. I actually wanted to post the IMMORTALIZED FRIENDSHIP video that I made and showed to you guys at Mdm Cheng's class during the end of our last semester at KMK. However, due to its extra large size, the video cannot be uploaded. Ipso facto, I made something else for you.

kram, Ila, Zul, Nina, Hazwan, Azizah, Faiz, Laily, Fuad, Kak Chik, Halil, Syaimaa', Syed, Farah, Yusno, Kausar, Amre, Kak Long, Lite, Hilmi, Aiman and Fakah...this one is for you guys!


6 flew over the cuckoo's nest:

Ruzzaida said...

eh..eqa pun KMK..
akak dulu pun KMK..
kita sama kuliah tp lain batch lerr..

Anonymous said...


You are tagged! Huhuhu... Have fun!
Check out my blog, ok.

Farani Mustafa said...

KMK as in Kolej Matrikulasi Kedah? Erk!

mocQachinno said...

Yup..KMK as in Kolej Matrikulasi Kedah. Why?

Farani Mustafa said...

Saya ni budak keluaran KMK juga, isk3...

YuSnUr said...

Yusno Da Legend pn ade.
It's me..

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