KKK AGM & DINNER and The Brodic Acapella

I managed to find some time in my hectic schedule to post about a dinner that I attended recently. Purple was the theme of this year's Annual Grand Meeting & Dinner for Kelab Kebudayaan & Kesenian (KKK), a well known club for those with artistic souls in UMP. The grand function was held at Vistana Hotel on the 25th of October 2008. A total of 4 buses filled with UMP students were chauffeured to the hotel at 6.30 pm.

The luxurious ceremony started at 8.00 pm attended by VVIP guests from UMP itself. The event includes the disbandment of the former Supreme Council and the inauguration of the new line of Supreme Council. There was also a recap of the club's annual activities and economics.

After all that, came the part that we were all actually there for. The part where we can enjoy the food! The concept of the menu was International Buffet and there were names of dishes which I've never even heard of. As expected, the food was superb. After dinner the guests were served with a musical performance by UMP's Orquesta, an orchestra group also under KKK. Hotel California was really swaying the house.

After the performance by Orquesta, people were already busy taking photos, capturing memories in a still picture. Loads of photos were taken by loads of camera. Kak Dalina alone was using 2 DSLRs.

However, the most memorable part was when The Brodic Acapella sang 'Happy Birthday' to my mother over the phone. Yes, it was also my mother's birthday (and no, I haven't forgotten it, ma) and they actually said 'mama'. Thanks Brodic Acapella for the spontaneous performance caused by a spontaneous request. =]

The Brodic Acapella

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Ka Ann Nor Raihan said...

A million thanks to Brodic Acapella for serenading a Birthday song to MAMA.. I was so touched and felt very honored. Papa was so happy too! coz he heard "anak-anak" mama sang Happy Birthday to Mama..and EQA, well done! i thought you really had forgotten haha.. What a great surprise! Well, apart of being so exhausted for the open house cum birthday celebration, i felt soooo relief after hearing the beautiful voices from my well grown kids in UMP.. thanks once again gals and guys.. will give u all a special treat if u come to Brunei! Luv from your Birthday Mom.

::.chocolate ice.:: said...

ni rse cam nk gi brunei je abes exam nnt..hikhik..

n wish me gudluck in my final exam..

Echam said...

mulai hari nie sye berazam utk simpn duit then nk wat passprt utk ke brnei..brunei here i come!!!!! ank untie degil tp jgn rsau nnt kami jge die..hihiiii

peedot said...

hehe..my pleasure auntie..nk pergi brunei jgk..bob jom bob..lawatan sambil blajar..hehe
struggling for final exam..hope to meet you soon..mama in brunei (wink*..wink*)

SKODENG said...

hehe. ur welcome mama, hopefully dpt see u by my true eyes oneday. keke. kat mn td?? BRUNEI eh. dkt je tuh. tiket flight x tau laa brp. RM80 kot. nnti raye haji insyaallah xde ape aral smpi laaa kot. JOM R KENGKAWAN SEMUA!!!!!!!

::.chocolate ice.:: said...

ko bley ar kay..tiket dpt diskaun..

aku,bad,rani,sapik ngan peedot ni,kne kumpul duit..

tp klu mama nk sponsor kitorg..no hal la.huhu..

plus,xsempat kut kay kite gi lps rye aji,we have festival teater kan..huhu..

p/s:betul kata bad,auntie..eqa agak nakal di sini..xpe2,pe2 kitorg jge n nasihat die ye..

sYafiQ said...

korng ni..pantang tul dia ajak ek..haha
memang korng ni muka xmalu r..haha

tp insya allah akan g gak brunei tu..hihi

untie..doakan kami smua berjaya dalam final exam ni..

mocQachinno said...

dowg tpu..anak mama baek2 je kt sini. elok je dia dok diam..huhu
jgn dengar ckp dowg ma

xnk bwk kowg g brunei kang. ish3..

Ka Ann Nor Raihan said...

Assalamualaikum semua anak-anak Mama yang comey, hensem, talented and smart2 belaka. You guys made my day. I laughed out loud reading your comments. Insya Allah, one day all of you will touch down in Brunei and Mama will welcome all of you with kompang lagi tu hahaha.. just kidding. How I wish I can sponsor each and every one of you, Insya Allah manalah tau rezeki, meantime check2 lah selalu Air Asia online sometimes ada free ticket offer and low fare offer!
Don't worry, Mama doakan semuanya sukses with good grades and please make me and your parents happy yea? Insya Allah. Know why? Becoz YOU ALL CAN DO IT! Cheers.. Mama
P/S: Kalau Eqa notty, cubit je haha

::.chocolate ice.:: said...

brodic acapella:

slalu2 gi jenguk website air asia..huhu..

to mama:

kebenaran dh diberi..klu eqa nakal2,nnt bob report kt mama,k..n yg cumey tu,sy la ek..hikhik..

to eqa:

jgn nakal2 tau..bob slalu pesan dh kn..klu nakal,kitorg bley cubit kamu..

p/s:after dis sem..peedot n sapik dh pergi ke latihan industri..so,brodic acapella xlengkap la..nnt kne wat gath,so bley practice nyanyi birthday song utk next year plak..hikhik..

peedot said...

to auntie aka mama: thanx for the wishes..n mama da kasi green light leh report kat mama klu eqa notty..hikhik..tp eqa tak notty..dun worry mom..hehe..

to eqa: jgn notty taw bile sy da takde nnt..mintak en bob, en kay, en rani dan en bad tgk2kan kamu..

to brodic: nak praktice nanyi untuk next year?? 3G pon bole..nnt every week kte wat la latihan vokal..apa guna ada 3G kalau tak gune..hehe..

~~where mom says yes~~

Farani Mustafa said...

Better late than never, hehe :D

Well now, im the last one of the Brodic's. Eqa said that the cycle is still incomplete unless i've commented.

Glad that our voices (yang agak serak2 garau itu) made your day. It was a miracle.

And, thank you for your kind wishes.

By the way, from what i've seen, i couldn't say that i know eqa completely, but she is actually kinda cute.

With that transparent nature of hers, most of the time you could just guest whats on her mind.

Ngahaha :P

So mama, dont you worry. While we are still around, we would take good care of her.

Ka Ann Nor Raihan said...

Thanks Farani Mustafa. Please take good care of her. I really appreciate it. :)

To Brodic: Check out Air Asia offer! Last day booking 30th November 2009.. low, low price. No surcharge dudes!

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