papa's safely back!

Mak Uda, Maya and I went to KLIA this morning to see Papa while he was on transit. He arrived with his colleague from Pakistan at about 8.20 am and were supposed to board the Royal Brunei Airlines flight to Brunei Darussalam before 2.30 pm. We hung around the departure floor and talked until it was time to board the plane. While they were checking in, the three of us were starting our trip to Port Dickson. Thankful that Papa is back safely. =]

4 flew over the cuckoo's nest:

Suburbanzero said...

alhamdulillah... :)

::.chocolate ice.:: said...

glad to hear that..huhu..

Anonymous said...

yeaaah!...lega na...hehe

Ka Ann Nor Raihan said...

Alhamdulillah, syukran ya Allah. Thanks all, for the prayers. Still jet lag hehe.zzz...

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