Fact :

I can be


when it is

worst time

to be so


3 flew over the cuckoo's nest:

Sengal Ubi said...

Life can be cruel at times. Good to see to you've started using Photoscape to edit your photos.

Work harder to strive for the best in 2009.

Anonymous said...

That sounds so Eqa. Hehehe. Jgn mareee...

Let's learn from the lesson, OK. Cry as much as you want, and start new!

Salam Maal Hijrah. Happy New Year, sis! (Why I feel like you are my niece instead of cousin? Hahaha..)

Ka Ann Nor Raihan said...

Whatever it is, always remember Allah is always with us. Start this new year with determination. Nothing GREAT was ever achieved without DETERMINATION. With Allah blessings I'm sure you'll be succeed, in so many special ways! :) Happy New Year Honey. Luv, Mama.

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