The results for our university applications were out. Everybody was busy checking if they made the cut. Everybody was excited and nervous at the same time. So after being at the Low Yat Plaza for the whole day and having a short nap when I got home I went online to find out if I'm accepted. I was very pleased to know that I was offered a place in Universiti Malaysia Pahang for a Bachelor in Chemical Engineering (Biotech). Although Forensic Science is my first choice, Biotech is not a bad offer at all. I should be registering on the first day of July. It's already the 25th of June and I haven't finish preparing my stuff yet. So many things to do and yet there's so little time.....
In a few days' time I'll be on my way to Pahang for the next chapter of my life as a student.
Wish me luck!


Regret comes in all shapes and sizes. Some are small like when we're doing a bad thing for a good reason. Some are bigger like when we let down the ones we love. Some of us escaped the pain of regret by making the right choice. Some of us have little time for regret because we're looking forward to the future. Sometimes we have to fight to come to terms with the past, and sometimes we bury our regret and promise to change.
But our biggest regrets are not for the things we did, but for the things we didn't do.
The things we didn't say that could've saved someone you care about especially when you can see the dark storm is headed that way.

My Family according to my 9-years-old bro

Last Friday my sister, Wawa got back from Brunei after spending a week of her school holidays there with the rest of the family. She showed me a piece of paper with what seemed like scribbles and sketches and told me that our little brother Aiman wrote it. I read it and found it so funny that I felt like I had to share it with you..hope you enjoy it!

('ehrehrehr' is pronounced 'grrrrrrrrr')

A Coin A Day..

Just arrived at my aunt's in Kuala Lumpur a few minutes ago. I got a pair of this teddy coin bank just before I reached home coz they're SOOO CUTE!! It's actually my cousin Maya's belated birthday present and since it's SOOO CUTE, I got one for me too. Mine is the ORANGE! one. Now my bag won't be cluttered with coins anymore. [I borrowed Bro Hanis' money to buy them because I didn't bring enough. So, thanx bro!]

on the road

Right now we're on our way to KL from Alor Star,Kedah. No idea when we will be arriving because we're going to drop nenek at Tg.Malim and maybe rest for a while there before heading back to KL

*nice view along the way*

The Wedding

I haven't blogged for a few days because I've been busy with the wedding. The ceremony lasted for 2 days starting 1st of June 2008. The first day was at the bride's house and the second day is at the groom's. Although not all family and friends were present, there were still lots of people who gathered and gave their wedding wishes. The wedding went perfectly fine. Everything is according to plan and nothing unexpected happened. Thankfully.
Here are some of the pictures of the event..

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