i'm awesome! ahakz

I'm an awesome blog buddy. YEAY! I would like to thank all my readers yang gigih baca what I wrote (walaupun lately dah kurang frequency meng-update). Bagus2. Teruskan kegigihan anda ek. Because I'm nobody without you guys. Wahh.. ayat memang cannot go. Translate ayat Azim je pun. Haha. Speaking of, thanks to Azim for making me awesome. Ahakz!

Okay, enough thanks already. As usual, there's always a catch. So let's see what this one brings us.

First of all, I have to state 5 interesting things about Azim (since he's the one who said I'm awesome). Well, I've only known him since I joined Kencana Pawana so I don't really know much about him. But I'm gonna try my best. Hehe.

  1. He's a choreographer for Kencana Pawana. Cool eh?
  2. He's quiet but laughs a lot.
  3. His face can get really red when he laughs.
  4. He's a final year student.
  5. He was the former leader of Kencana Pawana.
Okay. I admit that I couldn't tell much. Most of it relates to Kencana Pawana anyways. But what can I say. That's where I know him. Hurmm... For the second part, I have to tell 10 things about myself. Although I've done this one before here, I feel like I'm in the mood to tell 10 other things about me. Here goes, I:

  1. Am currently in my second year at UMP.
  2. Am thinking of buying a pet tortoise and name him MOMO.
  3. Love bracelets. Especially wooden ones.
  4. Am currently enjoying dancing with Kencana Pawana.
  5. Dream of having my own coffee shop.
  6. Miss ice-skating so much.
  7. Wonder when I'll be going to Genting Highlands again.
  8. Have an autographed KoKen script. (Thanks to Daoz)
  9. Love beaches a lot.
  10. Am developing OCD. I think.
There's the 10 other things about me that you may or may not already know. As for the third part, I'm going to have to choose 10 blogger as my awesome blogger buddy. And they are:
  1. Lady Ramlah
  2. Lady Nayya
  3. Lady Mira
  4. Sir Bob
  5. Sir Syafiq
  6. Sir Rani
  7. Sir Daoz
  8. Lady Yuyun
  9. Sir Chuck
  10. Zahiril Adzim.
That's my 10 awesome blogger buddies. Thanks for reading through. Again. =]

4 flew over the cuckoo's nest:

Diriku.... said...

malu lor...!

aku chuck said...

why not...

Daoz said...

Ni nak suh upd8 la ni,saje je kan.

mocQachinno said...

pe plak nak malu nye? hehe

haha..ble lg nk tag ko. why not now kn?

that's the idea.dh lama sangat tergendala =p

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