As I promised, here's the post about my two weeks spent in Brunei. It has been delayed for quite some time since I can't really find the time to write. But I'm trying my best not to let my blog go all dusty.

So I went back to Brunei for this year's Eid and the whole crowd was waiting for me at the arrivals. Papa had to work though, but Mama was there. Aa, Aiman and Adib was there too - all of them now bigger than ever. Bibik was waiting for me at home and Wawa wasn't there because she still needed to answer exam papers back in Malaysia.

As I got home I was surprised to see that there were cats everywhere. Last time I checked there were only four of them. And now they were all over the place. All nine of them. There's Moo, Grille, Puma, Zebra, Fe, Tucson, Ireland, Fifi and Lexus.

This is Lexus. He's the laziest, friendliest, most pampered of all the cats in the house. Oh yes. Speaking of pets, our terrapins - Harry, Ron and Hermione - which used to be only the size of a fifty-cent coin are now humongous and need to be put in the garden outside. Their place is still under construction, I think.

Eid preparations were always the same. Nothing but the usuals: hanging the lights, changing the curtains and cushions, cleaning the house, changing light bulbs, and not forgetting lighting up the pelita every night. Most of it is done by our WonderBIBIK who is 'serbaguna dan tahan lama' but we had our fair share of chores too.

We also went to Uncle Shahdan's restaurant for buka puasa. Uncle Shahdan is a Johorean family friend and I have to mention here that his Laksa Johor is the best. If I were to choose, I'd rather come all the way to Brunei for his Laksa. Well, that and many other super-delicious food he cooks. Again, kudos to you Uncle Shahdan!

Raya was also the usuals. (Mind you, Bruneian 'usuals' is not like what we do here in Malaysia. Their 'usuals' include the whole 30 days of open house and a minimum of 8 pairs of raya attire). We had our open house on the 4th day of Eid and boy was it tiring. People were coming in and out the whole day and so were the whole-chickens as the guests keep on eating whatever they can find on the table. The sugar-cane rice which we learned to make from our neighbor was a big hit too. Thanks to Mufasa Mustafa's dad for that.

So that was pretty much all I did during the two weeks spent there. Raya was fun for the first time in three years because it seems that the best raya is the one spent with your whole family, no matter where that is. Speaking of, there's news that this may be the last raya with Bibik around. I hope that's not true. There's also news which involves me being a modern nomad again. Now that, I'm not sure about just yet. I'm just crossing my fingers and keeping on praying.

Happy Raya! =]

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Anonymous said...

mufasa..nice one. haha!

bibik is going away? noooo!!!

and are you moving too???


Ka Ann Nor Raihan said...

Hey thanks dear for helping in the kitchen during the open house. Rajin anak mama... huhu.. bolehlah ganti Bibik next year.haha.. masak nasi tebu lagi dan kari ayam. =)

Remember we had Marble (Moo's and Grille's mommy) She died due to breech birth. Poor babe.. =( and Cleo & Puma too... RIP Marble, Cleo and Puma.

mocQachinno said...

Puma's gone too?? What happened?

Ka Ann Nor Raihan said...

Puma was sick. She was too weak and too tiny. She can't consume her mommy's milk naturally so we fed her by syringe. Zebra seems to dominate the milk by herself. Poor Puma. She was not active as before and it's too late to send to Vet. =( *sigh*

By the way, we all love Uncle Shahadan's Malaysian Cuisine don't we? His restaurant, Amanah Harith in Jerudong is always full house. Alhamdulillah such a nice dude he is and he is full of "rezeki". Thanks Shahadan. Keep on going Bro!

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