• I'll be off to Brunei in a few hours and will be staying there for a couple of weeks.
  • So excited to celebrate Raya with my family for the first time in three years. Yeay!
  • There may not be any updates for the next two weeks but expect a pretty long one after.
  • Last words:

8 flew over the cuckoo's nest:

Anonymous said...

what a really cute picture...

i'm gonna miss ur updates a lot...

ps:see u in brunei k...=D

From...: you know who...heh! =P

SitiNur said...

It is good to be HOME!!

Kem salam Mama and the rest at home, ya!

Diriku.... said...

im happy for u!!!
selamat hari raya!! enjoy your holiday there!!

Diriku.... said...

eh,lupa nk ckp....ayu eqa dlm gmbr tu!!!hahahahha...

Daoz said...

wah,melobi diri nampak sempena hari raya..

nway,nice pic..cuba utk xnk puji tp i reli think u deserve a complimnt.

well,eQa dearest,selamat hari raya..mntk maaf byk2 n halalkn mkn mnum selama ini dan yg akn dtg jgk..hehehe.. peace! :P

ps:hv a blast eid mbrak in brunei!

Summer said...

Enjoy your holiday! =D And hey make sure to have some great photos to share to us. =D

A Writers Den
Brown Mestizo

nuk said...

waa..take care~

Melody said...

eqa dearie... selamat hari raya aidilfitri.. hehe..raya kat brunei eh...kena posa lebih seharilah anda ari tu eh..oh btw, i'm at limbang.. we are so near! (yet so far) huhu. miss u lil girl.

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