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the real reason

It's been a long time since there's been anything new in here. The last thing I wrote got people asking me what went wrong. Then they started to ask me why I haven't written anything for quite a while. They sure have a lot of questions to ask. All I told them is that I wasn't feeling very well. It is true but it wasn't the whole truth.

The truth is, I do have a lot to write. A lot to share. A lot to tell. But I didn't write one bit because I didn't want to.

I guess I'm just fed up with these people. Why do these people even care if I don't write when they never listen to a word I say? Why should they be eager to read my words when they don't even take me seriously? I write something and they will read and give great comments but when I try to voice it out they'll just be like 'Aww...look at that little girl talking' and simply made fun of me. I'm sick and tired of people looking at me that way. What's the difference anyway? Verbally or literally, they still came from the same place: my mind. What's the matter with this people? It's like they can't differentiate the times when I'm joking around and being utterly silly and when I'm talking about something serious. So if people won't take what I say seriously, what's the point in writing it right?

There's just so many things that happened these past weeks. Things that made me feel and think a lot. Things that I would usually post an entry about. But as soon as I got in front of my laptop, the mood just drained away and I just turned it right back off. One look at my blog and I see all those faces who see me as a little girl who's mumbling something inaudible. I guess I've reached my limits. I used to blog so I can speak my mind. Now I can't even post an entry because I'm afraid it would hurt people's feelings. Maybe I'm gonna make this blog private some day. That way I can write whatever about whoever I want and I don't have to worry about hurting people.






I've never had much enthusiasm in elections but this particular campaign really made me say "Let's vote!"

EARTH HOUR is the world's first global election, between earth and global warming.

On Saturday, March 28, 2009 you can VOTE EARTH by switching off your lights for one hour from 8.30-9.30 PM local hour, wherever you live on the planet.

Or you can vote global warming by leaving your lights on.

The results of the election are being presented at the Global Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen 2009. One billion votes for Earth is needed to tell world leaders that we have to take action against global warming.
NONE OF US is as powerful as ALL OF US.

Let's make a difference.

'Hari Bermalas-malasan'

'Hari Bermalas-malasan' is what I call all my holidays. I love holidays. Well, who doesn't? I believe everybody love holidays. No difference there. The only thing that's different is their reason for loving holidays. For a girl who usually has no free space in her schedule like me, holidays are for lazing around and sleeping my eyes out. It's the time for me to detangle the haywire inside my head, sort out all the jumbled pieces and lists like 'Things To Do', 'Works To Be Done', 'Things To Buy', 'Meetings To Attend', 'Assignment Deadlines', 'Movies To Watch', 'Books To Read' and 'SALEs Dates'. All these mental lists can finally be sort out and I am able to reset my pace. The best thing about holidays is that I'll practically laze around and sleep so much that the only thing that I think of when I wake up is that I'm done sleeping, done lazing around and I'm all ready to start my work again. I didn't quite understand when people used to say "I need a holiday". Well, I do now.

KKK in the weekends

UMP's sports complex was flooded with people during the weekends as it hosted the fifth programme - launched by Deputy Prime Minister, Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak. Since it was a programme to introduce local universities, there were lots of students, parents and teachers.

the business people

Kelab Kebudayaan & Kesenian opened up a booth and I was one of the volunteers. The preparation started as early as 7 am. We had to wake up way earlier than that. Some of us didn't even sleep.

the multi-billionaires

For the first day we only sold drinks, cupcakes and cookies. The cupcakes was a big hit. On the second day we added up deep-fried snacks.

behind the scene

The booth was opened until 5 pm. As it gets later in the afternoon, we were ready to pack up and call it a day. It was quite exhausting but considering the fun we had, the exhaustion was worth it. *wink2*

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