Gelora Curry Puff

If you are ever in Kuantan, there is one place that you just HAVE to go. You must've heard about the beautiful Teluk Cempedak Beach (TC) which is quite a popular spot in Kuantan. On the way to TC, you'll find another beach (Kuantan has a number of beautiful beaches) known as Taman Gelora Beach. There's a small stall at the edge of Taman Gelora's carpark which serves mouth watering curry puff. The stall is owned by a Malay family and is usually open only for a short time of the day. The curry puffs are well sought after that most of the time, you would have to queue up to buy them.

Mr. Kopi 'O' and I have been drooling for these puffs for a very, very long time. We would always go out with these savory curry puffs in our minds. However, every time we arrived at the park (which is about 5.30 pm - 6.00 pm), it would always be too late and the stall closed. I have even thought seriously about taking the stall's owner's phone number so I would know when it will be opened again. We usually end up eating some place else.

So last Tuesday, we planned to go out early just so we can catch the stall's business hours. We went a bit too early and at about 4 pm, we head straight to Taman Gelora. Mr. Kopi 'O' bought a plastic bag full of the puffy puffs. They were fat and yummy!

We ate some of it, and went on with our main plan which is to have a picnic at Teluk Cempedak Beach. So we went there and continued eating the puffs on the breezy beach. The beautiful weather made the curry puffs a lot tastier. Mr. Kopi 'O' bought so many that by the time we ended our picnic by the beach, the plastic bag was still half-filled with curry puffs. After the picnic we went home with a very content heart that we finally get to eat the delicious curry puffs.

PS: I should have taken the rest of the puffs instead of letting Mr. Kopi 'O' finish them. I'm craving for it again now! Owh, and thank you Mr. Kopi 'O'! ♥

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