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people say your workplace is you. it is a mirror of how you operate. if it is clean and neat, that means you are a very systematic person. if it's messy and untidy, that just shows how you are as a person.

that's what people say. i'm not sure how much of it is true. to me, each person has their own way of working. their own way of getting things done. it's all subjective. and so i'm showing you what my workplace looks like.

messy? neat? again, it's subjective. some people may see it as messy, not neat enough. others may think it's neat, not too messy. the way the viewer see it may also reflects how they (the viewer) work. if they see it as messy, they MAY be the ones who love to work systematically in a neat environment. if they see it as tidy and neat, they MAY be the ones who knows their clutter.
i emphasize on the MAY. because it's all subjective.

now let's have a closer look at what i have on my wall.

i have a habit of keeping ribbons from gifts. and i'll put them up on my board wherever it seems suit. most of the things i stuck on my wall are reminders. some of them i keep to remind me of what needs to be done. assignment papers yet to be submitted. lists of chores. i would order books and stuff online and stick the bank receipt up my wall to remind me that i haven't received the ordered stuff yet. some other things up there are just reminders of things i did, like the tickets of a movie i enjoyed. i would print pictures that i like and pin them wherever there's free space. i would hang tags of recent events i joined.

i am actually doing this - explaining in detail what inhabited my wall - out of pure boredom. why don't you tell me what's on your wall? tell me about your wall, please. i really want to know your wall! =]

2 flew over the cuckoo's nest:

psychopaths said...

wauuuu! sgt COOL !

mocQachinno said...

jad.. tunjuk la ko pnye wall gak. aku nk tgk. hehehe~

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