i've got a new hobby. well, technically, it's not really a NEW hobby since the first time i did it was during my school years. sometime around 2002 or 2003. so what's the new hobby?

it's PAPERCRAFT. i read about it from a friend's magazine sometime last week. i was on my holiday and since i haven't got anything more interesting to do, i figured papercraft would be a fun thing to pass my time with. at first, i didn't have any clue what 'papercraft' is. i was just attracted with the pictures of the completed models. you can build a model of just about anything. from a simple animal form to a very detailed model of Yamaha MT-01 bike or an elaborate model of Saint Basil's Cathedral. they were CUTE!

however, after further reading about it in the mag, i got the idea. then, i remembered that i've done one like it about 9 years ago. but at that time, i didn't know it was called 'papercraft'. i just thought it was fun to do. it required a lot of patience, though. i was helping a friend make a model of a japanese anime. it was really fun to do and by the time i finished, i was reluctant to hand the completed model back to him.

so, to all those out there who still haven't got a clue to what i am babbling about, no worries because i will show/explain to you exactly what i'm talking about. so, here goes:


what you need:

1. a pair of scissors
it helps to have a very sharp one. you don't want to ruin the tiny, delicate pieces while you're cutting them. however, BE VERY CAREFUL WITH SCISSORS. if you're under 10 years old, get an adult to supervise you. =]

2. glue
this is needed to glue the parts that have been cut out. it helps if you use a bottle of glue with a pointed nozzle. the small pointed nozzle makes it easier to glue the smaller parts so you won't make any mess while gluing.

3. a printer
this is used to print out the design that will be cut out. you can use any type of printer. you can print it in colors or simple black and white. whichever that suits you best. although, it will look more realistic if you print it out with high quality photo colors.

4. A4 papers
to build a stronger model of papercraft, use thicker sheets of A4 papers. right now i'm using 120 gsm white A4 papers which, by far, serves me quite well. but if you are planning to do a detailed, more elaborate model, use thicker paper.

5. papercraft pattern
this is the pattern that you will print out, cut and glue to build your model. you can easily find this on the internet. simply google 'papercraft' and you'll find tonnes of fun pattern of variable categories to choose from. it will look like this.

6. patience
this is a vital necessity of the process. cutting and gluing the model must be done very carefully and neatly and therefore takes up quite some time. it helps to have a partner especially when you are doing a bigger piece. also, the papers need just the right amount of tension and pressure from your hand. learn to control that well and you're ready to build your first papercraft!

so those were all you needed to start your very own papercraft hobby. let me show the ones that i've done!

this is the first model that i did after i read about it in the mag. it's a model of a rabbit which you can get from Canon Crative Park website. You can print out the pattern here.

later, i made these:

actually my papercraft partner made this one. it's name is Billy. got this from Tougui.

this chipmunk is from Canon Creative Park.

it's a calendar from Curiosity.

my papercraft partner (which is also my boyfriend) and i are currently working on a model of Eiffel Tower which, when completed, will be about a meter tall. wish us luck! good luck and have fun with yours too!

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