just one year to go.

i can't believe i'm already in the end of my third year of studying chemical engineering. it felt almost too soon and now i'm already preparing for my internship. what a semester these past four months have been. since the beginning of this semester i've stopped dancing for a while so i can focus more on my studies. goodness, do i miss dancing now. this semester i'm all about getting my grades up - which by far is going pretty good. my final exam starts this week. yesterday, to be exact, and the first paper went really well. i was all smiles when it ended. although, it is still way too soon to be celebrating. i still have four more papers and when i'm done with that, i'll be going back to kl immediately to prepare for my internship.

i'm excited and at the same time nervous to start my internship once my exams ended.

3 flew over the cuckoo's nest:

Kaiser DeVasto™ said...

ill be missing u, honey..
do ur best k???
whenever u need me, just let me know...
ill always be there for u...

skidsoil said...

go back to kl and meet me!

btw, best of luck dear for ur finals!

mocQachinno said...

kanda: sure will, dear. i'm going to miss you so much. (walaupun hanya tiga bulan je. hahahaha!)

daoz: yup2. i will meet you there! just you wait. hahaha.. and btw, thanx for the wish. =]

i love u guys! ngeheheh~

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