...and the colours fly high! (for some)

It's out! I found out around 11:15 PM last night from my friends that the results for our finals are out. They couldn't wait to know their results and were already busy going through the internet or sms. By midnight my cellphone is overloaded with text messages from friends asking whether I'd checked my results and sharing theirs in return. Some of my 4-flatters friends managed to maintain their pride and right to brag about it for a while longer. They deserved it. Even the ones that failed to hold on to the fat 4 were only 0.05 or 0.10 short. Some got better results than the last semester and others got a little bit lower - which only means that MY results are becoming harder to predict. I didn't know what to expect. I never liked to check results hot from the oven. Usually I'm the last person of the day to get the results. I decided to wait 'till later. So, about 2:35 today I checked my results through sms and am satisfied with it. At least they are better than last semester. I managed to stay above 3 and what really matters is that I don't disappoint my family. They have always been very supportive and I'm thankful I got them. Thanks so much guys!

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