i introduce to you KMK - my former college. Well, actually parts of it. Loved this place. Miss everything and everybody in it especially my classmates & roommates..

view from my bedside window [nice!]. used to look outside the windows a lot. especially at night. the view's just soooo nice..

the cafeteria [fave place!]. we would stop by in between classes every chance we had. this cafe belongs to my neighbor's sister

this is another place i loved to go whenever i felt like clearing my mind. just sitting on top of the hill watching the view is calming enough. when not playing basketball i liked to spend time playing squash or tennis or just cycling around the campus

administration building - i'd come here to get my weekly dose of gossip with the lecturers. i'll definitely stop by MKA, Mdm.Sariwan & Mdm.Yuppa's desks. [miss them a lot!]

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