Daoz macam bermurah hati lately..hurmm..

I got one more thing from Daoz. Semenjak dua menjak ni dia macam bermurah hati je. Ada je benda dia nak bagi. This award is one of those things. Lama dah dia bagi award ni. Baru sekarang berkesempatan buat. Sorry for the delay ek. This is how the award looks like:

1. Copy the badge into your blog.

2. State 5 interesting facts about the tagger.
3. State 10 hobbies/facts about yourself.
4. Choose 5 bloggers to receive the award and describe about them.

5 interesting facts about Daoz
1. He's also known as Daoz Doink amongst the enTOURage members.
2. He makes the funniest crazy-monkey face.
3. He also makes the best retard act.
4. He's very creative.
5. He got me my Flip Flap. Click here and here. You know you want to.

10 hobbies/facts about moi
I've done this before. Click here if you want to know.

5 bloggers to be awarded
Will be announced later. Still in the process of short-listing. Hee..

1 flew over the cuckoo's nest:

Ku Yin™ said...

Konichiwa..let me be da 1st!

No Comment! huhuhu

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