saye hapat hunge santek!

Thanks to Daoz, I got my own Flip Flap for free! Heee.. He mentioned it in his blog. We really liked the cute little Flippy Flap that flips and flaps when it gets sunlight. I wanted to buy one at the pasar malam that day but Daoz insisted that he only wants the one from Mesra Mall. (Padahal sama je bendanya. Ketidakfahaman di situ). So when he went back to Kemaman he bought two of those cute thingy and I got mine when he got back from Kemaman. Yippee..!

Arigato Daoz!

4 flew over the cuckoo's nest:

Farani Mustafa said...

ceh. daoz x belikan aku whopper pown.

Anonymous said...

not a big deal. :)

Ku Yin™ said...

ehemm..anata no koibito desu ka?

Ka Ann Nor Raihan said...

Yesterday, when i drove AA to school,we saw this flower in one of the car in front us! Fllipping and flopping, flipping and flopping to us. Cute sangat2 and geram betul. AA said, "eQa has one!" Nak jugak!!!!

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