Maroon Memoir : Overdrive

Pictures of the wedding from the previous posts were taken by the bride's friend.
Pictures of the wedding in this post are from my cousin Ika's camera.
That explains why our faces are in 87% of the pictures from the wedding.

Subjects: eQa, Ika, Wawa & Mama
Photographers: mocQa, Chieka, Nudgey

4 flew over the cuckoo's nest:

tentang ku... said...

lawa gmbr2 tu...!!! tuan nye pon cantik!!! hahahaha...kembang la tu...!!!

c h o c o l a t e i.c.e said...

terasa eqa tinggi plak..huhu..

mocQachinno said...

ilusi optik je semua tu. nmpak tggi?
mmg eqa dh tggi pn skrg.ahakz!

Anonymous said...

Minna kawaiiii... (All are qutes!!)

I like picca of you with Mama and Wawa most! Dah besor2 anak dara Cuyang yerrr... Ishhh.

Ika! Such nice tudung u got there. Nak sa! Hehehe.

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