My Little MoMo

Remember I once said here that I am going to have a pet turtle and name it MoMo? Well, I finally did! Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to MoMo. My new pet turtle and here's a bit more about him:
  • It's a he.
  • He love's watching TV and gets very excited when he hears music.
  • Just like the owner, he loves heights and likes to climb up high places (I'm thinking of bringing him bungee jumping someday).
  • He became a member of the family on December 28th, 2009 so that made it his official birthday.
  • When I first got him, he was only 3.5 cm in diameter. (So cute!)
  • He also likes to go sight-seeing.
  • Very prone to eye-sore.
  • His favourite trick is play dead (and it STILL scares me each time).

This is MoMo posing beside his food bottle. I'm not sure if he intends to be a model when he grows up but he is definitely showing some signs here. Whatever his plans for the future may be, he'll just have to consult it with me first.

This is MoMo's house. It's where he swims and crawls and does the somersaults. This is also where he sleeps and eat and since he's still a growing baby, he sleeps A LOT. Too much that it worries me sometimes.

This white thingy is his water conditioner which is also his source of calcium. It's supposed to make his shell hard and shiny. This thing dissolves slowly into the water and will in time lose it's initial shape. MoMo used to think that it was a living albino turtle and made it his friend. He only realises that it's just a piece of rock after three days communicating with it and never get any reply.

So that, ladies and gentlemen, is my Little MoMo. I'm hoping he would grow up to be a handsome and happy turtle. *wink*

ps: you can watch his video via Facebook here.

3 flew over the cuckoo's nest:

Ka Ann Nor Raihan said...

Haha.. he should be lucky. Unlike Harry, Ron and Hermione.. i don't know which is which now. They had to swim in the aquarium.. and you were like "Mama they are not fish!" No worries dear, they are still alive and live in a new pond under the mango tree.. hiiii =D Welcome to the club MoMo.

kamaluddin_Sarif said...

huhu... maaf iqa... tak dapat selamatkan m0m0 iqa... ingatkan dia kan terus survive bila tengok dia hepi... tak sangka, tu kali terakhir dia sempat bermain dengan april... main dukung2... pusing2 aquarium dia... iqa kuatkan semangat.. semoga m0m0 bergembira di alam lain...

Roy Roches said...

daa mati ke...lenkali jgn bg mkn byk sgt

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