haven't seen you in a while!

I went to see one of my bestest friend today. Haven't seen Eda for a long time. The four of us (Eda, Ady, Jad and I) used to go everywhere together. Those were the days and I really miss those days. Now I guess everybody's busy catching rainbows. We will always find a way to see each other whenever we have the chance but the chance isn't always there.

So, back to the story, we went to Mid Valley today to do a little shopping. Well, a little for me and Wawa but a lot for Eda. She bought a present for her friend, a few shirts, a book and also managed to find a pair of shoes at the end of the day.

The sweetest thing is that of all the things she bought, I hadn't noticed she'd bought a card for me. It was a birthday card with the sweetest and truest words. She didn't get to sign it, though. She said she'll sign it the next time I see her. Hahaha...that is so Eda. Can't wait to see her and the other girls as well. Really miss them.....a LOT!

*those were the days*

fresh face

so after a few days of reconstruction, this is what my blog looks like now.

like it?


Despite my previous public announcement of how bad I am with tags, I have been tagged once again and since this time it's more of an award (plus, it seems simple enough) I've decided to do it anyway. So, here goes:

1. Copy the "2008 Cute's 3logger Award" badge into your blog.

2. Link the award back to the tagger.

3. Every blogger must state 10 hobbies/facts about him/her before tagging others.

4. 10 bloggers must be chosen to receive the award and their names must be stated.

5. Leave a comment to those you are tagging letting them know that they've been tagged.

10 'me' facts you should know:

1. Petite. Others call it short/small.

2. Rheumatic. I can't stand being in the cold.

3. Love art. Be that in any form.

4. Love heights. I usually sit on the roof to clear my thoughts.

5. Used to be a modern nomad.

6. 'Sengal' at times. I repeat: at times.

7. Still single.

8. Chocolate fanatic.

9. Was a caffeine addict. Especially mocha. That's why I don't drink coffee anymore.

10. Books-music-movies lover.

Since Daoz was the one who tagged me, I guess I can't re-tag him. So, in random order,

10 bloggers I'm tagging:

1. Mama

2. Kak Ita

3. Wawa

4. Suria

5. Miss Farah

6. Ramlah

7. Bob

8. Amir

9. Kak Ida

10. Can I tag Senandika's blog? ahakz!

word of the day : FAIR

FAIR is putting things in their right places, not dividing things into equal parts.

equality isn't fair, equity is

Go figure!

so the lion fell in love with the lamb...

I finally finished reading the Twilight Series' latest book - Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer. I'm officially a huge fan of her works and her self now. With the limited time I have - only being able to read for a couple of hours per day - I managed to finish the 754 pages (the thickest of the bunch) of Stephenie's compelling world of supernaturals in a week and a half.

The first book, Twilight, is now a major motion picture. The second, New Moon, will also be a movie in a few months' time and the third book of the series, Eclipse, is sure to come next. All four books were different and interesting in their own way. I find the fourth installment of the saga the most fascinating and heartfelt yet. I was laughing aloud and crying in silence (to keep my roommates from noticing) while reading it. If you hadn't known I was reading, you'd think I'm crazy. It was a three-books-combined-into-one (which explains the ginormous fatness of the book). Book One and Three were written from Bella's perspective while Book Two was from Jacob's.

Unlike most love stories, the novels were not all the way romance. There was an enjoyable amount of action, fast cars and super powers involved; it was a partly supernatural fiction after all. Stephenie made the story of a human girl who fell in love with a vampire and has a werewolf as her best friend as interesting as Lord of the Rings. The supernatural world - which started portraying itself in Stephenie's mind as a vivid dream she had one night - is not the typical “let’s kill the vampire with a pitchfork” idea. The vampires don't have fangs and they don't sleep in coffins. It was more like Heroes + Interview With The Vampire (minus the coffins) rather than Bram Stoker's Dracula. I think it's fair to say that Edward & Bella is now in the same line as Romeo & Juliet, and Jack & Rose.

I can't wait to read her next novel - a science fiction for people who don't like science fiction, The Host. Also, the other dimension of the Twilight story, told from Edward's perspective, Midnight Sun which was temporarily postponed due to illegal leak on the internet of the incomplete draft. Just hope she gets her mood back and finish the book real soon.

reminiscing the best holiday EVER!

I was just reading my mom's blog for like the 16th time. I just love the pictures that she posted along with the retelling of our latest holiday trip to Sabah last semester break. Those were some of the few pictures that survived when my dad accidentally formatted his laptop. And I'm sure glad they survived because the pictures were great hilarious!

This is one of the fun pictures that were
posted on antheqtpie titled All in the Family

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