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Earlier tonight..

My room

My phone rang - a text message from a classmate: "Eqa, test starts 8 pm, not 8.30". Huh?? I looked at my phone clock. 7.45 pm. And they're telling us now? I thought our lecturer said it starts at 8.30 pm. So, to WDKU2 we rushed.

People were already there. We were among the last to arrive. Then we waited. And waited. So the test is starting at 8.30. Fine, I thought. We're already here. No point grumbling. So we waited for our final paper of Test 1 season to start. And waited..

Not long after we waited came a lecturer into the hall. My tutorial lecturer. "The staff with the question papers isn't here. So, I'm gonna have to cancel the test tonight. It is postponed to another date which will be announced later".

And we were like "What the...?" We were supposed to be test-free starting 10 pm tonight. We were supposed to be able to breathe again. Why are they doing this to us? This morning my presentation was postponed to next week. Before that my other presentation was postponed to another week because the lecturer forgot we were supposed to present that day. Next week was supposed to be my stress-free week. I was planning to finish The Guardian. Ugghhh...! I stayed up until 4.30 am for a canceled test. Oh, why are they doing this to us?

I hereby announce that I will be flustered for another week. Bear with me, people.

why they say it's scary!

30 minutes ago..
in WBK20

It was quiet as the grave. I looked down to the floor. Blue pens and calculator covers were all scattered around. Huh! No wonder they say Thermodynamics is scary. People didn't even notice their things falling off their desks. Or are they too busy to even care? Then I looked at my own paper. There wasn't anything I can add to it anymore. A few butterflies wouldn't hurt but I just let it be - flipping the pages every once in a while. Then in came a lecturer.

"Fifteen minutes left", she said.

OK, I thought. I'll just have to bear another fifteen minutes. No biggie.

So as I was fiddling with my pencil, came a more familiar lecturer.

"Sorry class, but there's been a mistake with one of the questions". I kinda guessed she would say that, but not now. Not when there's only 10 minutes left. "Question 2(a) is canceled."

HAH!! I knew there was something wrong with the question. No wonder my final answer was weird. But still, they should have said that earlier. Try 10 minutes after the test start. I was cracking my head for a canceled question. Uggghhh...

Then out she went with about five minutes left.

I thought. Only another five minutes. No biggie..


The bridges are crumpled
The water soaks into rocks
That fell at the bottom of the road
At the end of the town
The town that we lived in
The memories shaking apart from the weeds that grow
Over the sidewalks
Running away from the streets we knew
Like the time we thought was made for you
Out on the front porch
Watching the cars as they go by
Eighteen blue, twenty one grey
Looking ahead for the first time that we could drive
Out on our own
To speed away
From the sidewalks
Running away from the streets we knew
Like the time we thought was made for you
All of the days that past us by
All of the sun is gone away

of butterflies and beaches

Question: What happens when you add up 25 cupcakes, a bunch of your friends and a beach on the 7th of February?

Answer: You get the best birthday ever!

This year's birthday is one that I'll always remember. Indeed, it was one of my most memorable birthdays. Even Syafiq was here. He had just arrived from Johor Bahru the night before. I got to celebrate my being 19 at my most favourite place of all times - the beach. We had a barbeque on the 7th midday of February at Teluk Cempedak. And as if that wasn't enough, I was speechless when Bob, Bad, Rani and Syafiq surprised me with birthday cupcakes full of butterflies and my name on it. All I was saying was 'thanx!' and 'comel!'. They really did surprise me because I've never told them that my sisters and I love cupcakes especially for special occasions. Best of all, they are in my favourite flavor too - chocolate! Thanx to Kak Yeen from Madame Cupcakes for the super cute edible art.

Beach, chocolate, cupcakes, my friends and roomate, butterflies...

I got all my favourite things in just one day. Yup! Definitely a birthday to remember. Even if I couldn't celebrate with my family in Brunei, at least I was able to do it with my family here.

To all my friends: thanx a bunch.

To my dearest family: wish thou art here!

PS: I bought another Rubik's Cube at Teluk Cempedak - a birthday present for myself. Hehe~


I got another tag. This time it's from Bob. And the tag goes like this:

"Answer the questions with pictures from Google."

So the pictures in this post are 100% from Google. No editing whatsoever.

*The Age of My Next Birthday*
very soon

*A Place (or places) I'd Like To Travel*




New Zealand


...and wherever this might be

*A Favourite Place*
it's calming

*A Favourite Food*
anything Italian

*Favourite Things*it never lets me get bored

click here. you know you want to

*A Favourite Color*

*Where I Was Born*
University Hospital, Kuala Lumpur

*A City I've Lived In*
Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam

*A Nickname I Have*
I didn't know EQA stands for European Quality Assurance. Ahakz~

*College Major*
Chemical Engineering (Biotechnology)


*Bad Habit*

*Name of My Love*


little sister #1

little sister #2
(AA, not Hotel)

little brother #1

little brother #2

you guys

world peace

from everyone. yeah, let it be that.

Volkswagen Tiguan

Nikon SLR

piano lessons

seniors/alumni vs juniors

I went to a Senandika gathering last Saturday. It was so much fun, I can't find the right words to describe it (at least not when I'm sleep-deprived right now), so I'm just gonna talk a bit and let the pictures tell the rest.

The plan was to meet at Times Square around 10.30 am. I got there late and most of them were already there. Bro Peedot and Bro Azril were there too. Along with Bob, Kak Ila, Kak Akma, Kay, Chot, DJ, Kak Aina, Daoz and Jumain. Did I miss anybody? We all sat at the food court and some had their breakfast (some even had their second breakfast! Hehehe..) Then along came Rani from Low Yat Plaza with a big box of Big Apple donuts. Yum-yum...thanx Rani!

Unfortunately Rani wasn't in any of the pictures (but the Big Apple box was in a few...ngeheheh). Then, with happy bellies and time to kill while waiting for the Super Seniors aka Abg Raja, Kak Mel and Abg Wan, we hung around a bit more. Kay, Chot and I went to Low Yat Plaza to look for computer accessories and software. I finally got what I had been planning to buy since the past week. The rest of them stayed inside Times Square.

At about 2.00 pm we regathered at the bowling alley. Everybody was there including Tito and Che Am. We played only one game but it was tonnes of fun. It was the seniors/alumi vs juniors. I was obviously in the juniors' team and for a little while it seems like we were going to win. But then the graph declined and it seemed like an instant win for the seniors.

After bowling we went for our Zuhur prayer, then we ate again, then for our Asar prayer. The next spot was originally planned to be Lake Garden but they (the drivers) thought it would be easier if we went to Taman Tasik Titiwangsa instead. So there we went and a lot of pictures we took. It was like crashing a party!

After lots of snaps and stares we decided it was time for theater. So we head to Stor Dewan Bahasa and got there in time for our Maghrib prayer. The play started at 8.30 pm. It was a full house. Projek KoKEN:Teater Kompilasi Vol 1 is a compilation of 4 stories with 1 motive. It was a briliant 1-hour-and-45-minutes. We hung around for a while and talked to the crews of the production. They shared a lot in such a short time. It was great!

[Senandika with Zahiril Adzim, director and actor]

[Senandika with Intan and Ameerul, actors]

[me with Fared Ayam, director and actor]

At about 10.45 pm Bro Azril send Che Am and Kak Mel to the monorail station. Then we went to NZ Curry House at Wangsa Maju before sending me home. Indeed, it was another memorable moment in my Senandika album.

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