Twenty Answers (and more)!

I posted something game-like on my birthday here. In my version of Twenty Questions, you get to ask a maximum of 20 questions and I promised to answer ALL of them. So this is where I spill it all out. But before I get on with my answers, I would like to sincerely apologize for the long delay of this post. I haven't got enough time to write and post. Still haven't got enough time actually but I'm trying my best to squeeze in some writing time.

So here goes, these are the questions from the people who asked them.


1. What is ur biggest fear?
  • My biggest fear would be to lose the people I love. Because they have always been my rock and the reason for me to keep on going.
2. What is one of your dirty little secret? (lucky you I didn't ask for the dirtiest)
  • Oooohh..everybody loves a dirty little secret. Here's one of mine: I used to have a crush on a fellow Senandikan.
3. What is on top of your wishlist?
  • I do have a list of things I want to do and have which I called 'The Ultimately Awesome Wishlist'. Funny thing is apart from the DSLR and a new guitar which are also in the list, the number one thing I want is to teach a kindergarten. Hahaha.. I don't know why but I just feel that teaching a kindergarten is a must-have experience.
4. What is your current favourite tune?
  • At the moment 'Dead and Gone' by T.I and Justin Timberlake in on loop non-stop on my phone. I just love the words. Besides, what's not to love about JT? Can I hear a 'Hell Yeah!' from the ladies?!
5. What is your most anticipated movie to watch this year?
  • Is 'PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN ORIGINS: JACK SPARROW' in the list? Because I've been anticipating that movie for a long time now. But if that's not available, I'm so looking forward to ALICE IN WONDERLAND, THE BOOK OF ELI and HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS: PART 1.
6. Paragliding or bungee jumping?
  • Bunjee jumping without a doubt! I've been wanting to bunjee jump since god knows when. It's a sure thing to be my would-be hobby. I just LOVE adrenaline rush.
7. How do you like your birthday to be celebrated? (in a logical way, to have Johnny Depp on your birthday is considered impossible)
  • Since JD is out of the picture, I guess having a birthday splash with my beloved friends and family at Sunway Lagoon would be awesome too.
8. If you aren't studying chemical engineering, what probably are you studying?
  • This is easy. MUSIC! I remember asking my mom if I could play the piano, violin and guitar when I was 4. Been in love with music ever since. And now, even with a chemical engineering degree on the way, I'm still discretely pursuing that dream. Then I can be the singing chemist. *wink*
9. Do you believe in magic?Y/N
  • I do! I believe everywhere in this world there's a bit of magic around us. No, I'm not talking about those black magic or dark arts or whatever.
10. What do you think about me? Explain briefly (honestly).
  • The sweetest friend anyone could ever had who lives for the details and all the little things that makes life memorable but can sometimes be very emotionally unstable.
11. If you could have ANY animal as a pet, what would it be?
  • If I could have ANY pet regardless of anything, I would want a Yorkshire Terrier. (A garden full of butterflies would be nice too.)
12. If you're to be named after a place, what would you choose?
  • Marseilles. The oldest city in France.
13. Being grown up and growing up, which is better?
  • Growing up. That's where the most fun is. You get to make mistakes and do silly things. The fun stops when you are a grown up.
14. What is the weirdest thing happened to you?
  • This happened when I was in high school. My friends and I were walking home from school and there was an old man walking in our direction. Suddenly as he was passing us he held my arm and looked at me without saying a word. Shortly afterwards he let go and left. Up until now I still didn't know why he did that.
15. Do you agree to this; life is a maze and love is a riddle.
  • Yup. You have to figure your way in life and find the clue through love.
16. If you could posses a superpower,what would it be and what would your supername be?
  • I'd pick power mimicry like Peter Petrelli have in Heroes. Then I can have multiple superpowers.
17. What is your wildest dream?
  • My wildest dream would be to be with Oprah and help her make other people's wildest dream come true.
18. Define Afiqah (eQa) Rahim in 5 words.
  • Not your average petite friend.
19. Complete this. The world will not be the same without eQa because ________.
  • It will lose a huge amount of bubbliness.
20. Say you are time traveled and met yourself as a kid,what would you say to little eQa?
  • "When you are 18 and waiting for university calls, do not accept the ones from USM and UKM because you'll find great friends in UMP." Hahahaha~

(There. I hope you are satisfied with the answers dear. Hehe..)


1. Do you know why The Aa is awesomer than The Eqa?
  • Actually, I really don't. because The Eqa is seriously way awesomer than The Aa. Oh wait, I forgot, you are Lexus' obedient doodie master. That definitely evens it out. Ergo, The Aa's awesomeness = The Eqa's awesomeness.
2. Will you name your awesome third daughter after me?
  • That depends on what wedding gift you'll be giving me. Hahaha.. I'll probably take that into consideration since I haven't figured out the name for my third daughter yet. Let's see...does your name goes with any kind of flower?
3. What would you feel like doing if you see a shemale who looks like your bestfriend?
  • I would befriend that shemale. Hahahahahaah.
4. Who are you obsessing over right now?
  • It will always be Johny Depp.
5. Do you remember who said this to me last year? 'Adek, Lexus doodie.' :D hehee
  • If I remembered right, it was me.
6. Don't you just LOOVE Blu-Tack?
  • Sorry, not really a huge fan of Blu-Tack. Though I am a total Magic-Clipper freak. It sucks that I can't find any in Malaysia.
7. I'm planning to go to Germany and date Tom Kaulitz. Wanna join?
  • I'll go to Germany with you but I'm afraid I won't be joining you and Tom. I have other plans.
8. Will you buy me an iPod nano 5g in orange?
  • No. The orange one is mine. I'll buy you the red one. How about that?
9. Do you think that you're as sexy as Amitabh Bhachan? HAHAHA.
  • No way! Amitabh Bhachan ia waaaayyyyy sexier. Hahahaha...
10. I believe in Aliens. Do you?
11. Is it true that there's a spot on your head that if a bullet hits it, your whole head blows up?
  • Isn't that spot on the WHOLE HEAD??
12. Do you understand what I just asked you?
  • I'm trying my bestest best to look like I do.
13. Do you know what the longest word in the English dictionary is? (Cause I do. That's just how awesome I am.)
  • I believe you've told me once before but I can't remember. I guess I'm just ignorant to what you say sometimes.
14. Would you trust me with your life? :D
  • Hell yeah I would! How can I not? You're awesome. =p
15. Can you describe the kinda person that you can imagine me dating? *winkwink*
  • Let's see.. Tall. Fair. The son of a doctor. Able to argue with you on either silly things or neuron-twisting topics. Knows how to do his hair right. And totally knows his music.
16. If you have a mole the size of hell, would you rather have it on your nose or mouth/lips?
  • Are those really the only options I have? Then I'd rather have it on the nose (of my youngest brother).
17. Do you care about everything I say to or about you? :D
  • To say that I care about EVERYTHING you say would be a lie because sometimes you just talk crap. Oh wait a minute, I do care about your crap. Hahahah..
18. What does the color Orange remind you of?
  • Me. That's just how self-centered I am.
19. Hmm...what else should I ask you?
  • How about 'when is the next time it will rain in Kuantan'?
20. Ooh, did you know that there's a shop in Miri called 'Kedai Babi'? Hahaha. stupid.
  • Hahaha.. I do now. Totally unintelligent!
21. Did you know that I was gonna ask you 21 questions but then I remembered that this 'thingy' is called 20-questions so I decided to not ask you the 21st question?
  • Yeah, cause you just did.

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Syafiq Kadiran said...

sonok giler aku membaca sesi teme bual ko ni...
sangat seronok!!!
very nice eqa..

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mocQachinno said...

chuck, heheh thanx beb.
daoz, and that reaction is to which question?

Anonymous said...

this is so awesome. i wish i could ask you 20 questions.

Mr. Awesome. (Formerly mr. anonymous)

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