another picnic!

I went for another picnic last weekend and this time it's with my groovy roomies! My roomies and I had planned for our girls'-day-out since last month. Early planning is pretty much necessary since it's very rare for all four of us to be available in the same weekend. So I told them about my picnic with Mr Kopi 'O' last month - I posted about it here - and since they are all also fans of picnics and parties, we all agreed to have a picnic party by the beach. I wanted to let them taste the famous Gelora Curry Puff I had mentioned and my most favourite burger of all time - Burgermbira!

So we left UMP at about 11 am and were headed for Kuantan right away. We did a little bit of shopping before heading to Taman Gelora at about 4.30 pm for the fluffy curry puffs. We settled on the far end of Teluk Chempedak beach where there are not as many people compared to the other parts of the beach. We had so much fun eating in the friendly breeze while posing for the camera. It was definitely a blast!

I just LOVE picnics!

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