It's quite late for me to post this recap of 'Teater Ustaz Zapin' since I have been very busy with our upcoming theater 'Dusta Pada Skala 1 Hingga 10' and other varsity workload.

As for the theater, it went on really well. It was a full house thanks to the much appreciated work from the production crews. Apart from the external audio problem, everything went on smoothly as planned. The crowd were wonderful, the live orchestra music was perfect and the zapin dances were beautiful. Enough of the wordy descriptions, let's indulge in something graphical. 

The male lead: Nik Irfan as Tapa

The female lead: Syafieza Sanusi as Mastura 

Faiz Radzi as Ustaz Ngadiran behind the white screen

Some of the other scenes

The production crew during curtain call

Oh, and that's me, Afiqah Rahim as the Stage Manager

I'm proud to say that this is one of the most enjoyable productions I've ever been in. Each and every one of the members are very dear to me and I'm very much looking forward to working with them again. Who would have guessed that a bunch of complete strangers would turn out to be one hectic family, right guys?!

However, without generous help from UMP Orchestra Group musicians and Kumpulan Tarian UMP dancers who were very supportive, our Ustaz Zapin Production couldn't have done it. So thanks SOOOO MUUUUUCH, you guys!

Some of these pictures (the ones watermarked 'Cosmic Puzzles Photography') are taken by a friend of a production crew. He does take nice pictures. A flattering comment from him is that there is an 'Istana Budaya'ish vibe to Ustaz Zapin. You can visit and like his FB page here.

Don't miss our next performance 'Dusta Pada Skala 1 Hingga 10' this Sunday. It'll be something very different from this musical theme. More details here.

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syaf syafieza said...

comelnyer page nie..10xs kak eqa..

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