meet the terrapins!

Remember my two friends, Sya and Ain who came from Johore the other day? Well, they brought these two cute little terrapins all the way from Johore (so, it can be assumed that these terrapins are Johoreans). My roomate - Ramlah - and I decided to call it Nakatsu-kun and Ayumi-chan. Obviously the names are influenced by Japanese comic characters because we love Japanese comic series! They are actually (apology) presents from Sya. =]
Thanks for the cute little Ts.

2 flew over the cuckoo's nest:

kamaluddine said...

hope can see nakatsu-chan n ayumi-chan...

april-senpai n awan-kun sure happy to met their new friends.... :)

mocQachinno said...

Nakatsu-kun la kamal. dia lelaki. eh bukan, jantan. nnt kte wat gathering utk dowg eh. hahaha~

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