female logic

Theoretically, this is how the female logic works.

You think?

people, meet BETTY.

Remember Billy? I mentioned him in one of my post here. Well, Mr. Kopi 'O' made him and he is now sitting soundly next to my laptop. He is being a great company especially when my roommates went home for the weekends. And as a reward to that, I made him a friend. People, meet Betty.

However, they only get to play around together for a short while because very recently, I gave Betty to Mr. Kopi 'O' so he could take care of her. I hope he takes care of her well. =]

Gelora Curry Puff

If you are ever in Kuantan, there is one place that you just HAVE to go. You must've heard about the beautiful Teluk Cempedak Beach (TC) which is quite a popular spot in Kuantan. On the way to TC, you'll find another beach (Kuantan has a number of beautiful beaches) known as Taman Gelora Beach. There's a small stall at the edge of Taman Gelora's carpark which serves mouth watering curry puff. The stall is owned by a Malay family and is usually open only for a short time of the day. The curry puffs are well sought after that most of the time, you would have to queue up to buy them.

Mr. Kopi 'O' and I have been drooling for these puffs for a very, very long time. We would always go out with these savory curry puffs in our minds. However, every time we arrived at the park (which is about 5.30 pm - 6.00 pm), it would always be too late and the stall closed. I have even thought seriously about taking the stall's owner's phone number so I would know when it will be opened again. We usually end up eating some place else.

So last Tuesday, we planned to go out early just so we can catch the stall's business hours. We went a bit too early and at about 4 pm, we head straight to Taman Gelora. Mr. Kopi 'O' bought a plastic bag full of the puffy puffs. They were fat and yummy!

We ate some of it, and went on with our main plan which is to have a picnic at Teluk Cempedak Beach. So we went there and continued eating the puffs on the breezy beach. The beautiful weather made the curry puffs a lot tastier. Mr. Kopi 'O' bought so many that by the time we ended our picnic by the beach, the plastic bag was still half-filled with curry puffs. After the picnic we went home with a very content heart that we finally get to eat the delicious curry puffs.

PS: I should have taken the rest of the puffs instead of letting Mr. Kopi 'O' finish them. I'm craving for it again now! Owh, and thank you Mr. Kopi 'O'! ♥

to think or not to think?

sometimes he thinks,
sometimes he doesn't.

that's why i love him.

my wall

people say your workplace is you. it is a mirror of how you operate. if it is clean and neat, that means you are a very systematic person. if it's messy and untidy, that just shows how you are as a person.

that's what people say. i'm not sure how much of it is true. to me, each person has their own way of working. their own way of getting things done. it's all subjective. and so i'm showing you what my workplace looks like.

messy? neat? again, it's subjective. some people may see it as messy, not neat enough. others may think it's neat, not too messy. the way the viewer see it may also reflects how they (the viewer) work. if they see it as messy, they MAY be the ones who love to work systematically in a neat environment. if they see it as tidy and neat, they MAY be the ones who knows their clutter.
i emphasize on the MAY. because it's all subjective.

now let's have a closer look at what i have on my wall.

i have a habit of keeping ribbons from gifts. and i'll put them up on my board wherever it seems suit. most of the things i stuck on my wall are reminders. some of them i keep to remind me of what needs to be done. assignment papers yet to be submitted. lists of chores. i would order books and stuff online and stick the bank receipt up my wall to remind me that i haven't received the ordered stuff yet. some other things up there are just reminders of things i did, like the tickets of a movie i enjoyed. i would print pictures that i like and pin them wherever there's free space. i would hang tags of recent events i joined.

i am actually doing this - explaining in detail what inhabited my wall - out of pure boredom. why don't you tell me what's on your wall? tell me about your wall, please. i really want to know your wall! =]


i've got a new hobby. well, technically, it's not really a NEW hobby since the first time i did it was during my school years. sometime around 2002 or 2003. so what's the new hobby?

it's PAPERCRAFT. i read about it from a friend's magazine sometime last week. i was on my holiday and since i haven't got anything more interesting to do, i figured papercraft would be a fun thing to pass my time with. at first, i didn't have any clue what 'papercraft' is. i was just attracted with the pictures of the completed models. you can build a model of just about anything. from a simple animal form to a very detailed model of Yamaha MT-01 bike or an elaborate model of Saint Basil's Cathedral. they were CUTE!

however, after further reading about it in the mag, i got the idea. then, i remembered that i've done one like it about 9 years ago. but at that time, i didn't know it was called 'papercraft'. i just thought it was fun to do. it required a lot of patience, though. i was helping a friend make a model of a japanese anime. it was really fun to do and by the time i finished, i was reluctant to hand the completed model back to him.

so, to all those out there who still haven't got a clue to what i am babbling about, no worries because i will show/explain to you exactly what i'm talking about. so, here goes:


what you need:

1. a pair of scissors
it helps to have a very sharp one. you don't want to ruin the tiny, delicate pieces while you're cutting them. however, BE VERY CAREFUL WITH SCISSORS. if you're under 10 years old, get an adult to supervise you. =]

2. glue
this is needed to glue the parts that have been cut out. it helps if you use a bottle of glue with a pointed nozzle. the small pointed nozzle makes it easier to glue the smaller parts so you won't make any mess while gluing.

3. a printer
this is used to print out the design that will be cut out. you can use any type of printer. you can print it in colors or simple black and white. whichever that suits you best. although, it will look more realistic if you print it out with high quality photo colors.

4. A4 papers
to build a stronger model of papercraft, use thicker sheets of A4 papers. right now i'm using 120 gsm white A4 papers which, by far, serves me quite well. but if you are planning to do a detailed, more elaborate model, use thicker paper.

5. papercraft pattern
this is the pattern that you will print out, cut and glue to build your model. you can easily find this on the internet. simply google 'papercraft' and you'll find tonnes of fun pattern of variable categories to choose from. it will look like this.

6. patience
this is a vital necessity of the process. cutting and gluing the model must be done very carefully and neatly and therefore takes up quite some time. it helps to have a partner especially when you are doing a bigger piece. also, the papers need just the right amount of tension and pressure from your hand. learn to control that well and you're ready to build your first papercraft!

so those were all you needed to start your very own papercraft hobby. let me show the ones that i've done!

this is the first model that i did after i read about it in the mag. it's a model of a rabbit which you can get from Canon Crative Park website. You can print out the pattern here.

later, i made these:

actually my papercraft partner made this one. it's name is Billy. got this from Tougui.

this chipmunk is from Canon Creative Park.

it's a calendar from Curiosity.

my papercraft partner (which is also my boyfriend) and i are currently working on a model of Eiffel Tower which, when completed, will be about a meter tall. wish us luck! good luck and have fun with yours too!

happy 21

yesterday i turned 21. yes, people, i'm a year older (and hopefully wiser). i remember in the past years i always blog when it comes to my birthday. well, it's my third year in pahang and while i'm here i've celebrated my birthday in three very different ways. with three groups of very different people. at three different places. and i've enjoyed all three of them. very much.

during those years i would usually blog a lot about how i spent my birthdays. or how i felt during those days. but then again, i would blog elaborately about almost anything back then. now, however, even a single picture is hard to post when i've got a neverending list of things to do. time just flies now with so many things to do in so little time.

i remember my family would throw birthday parties when i was a little kid. friends and family would come with presents. the anticipation of knowing what was in those wrapped boxes and the excitement of making a wish before blowing the candle always made me a content and gleeful birthday girl.

i guess those kinds of celebration don't really apply to a lady in her 20s with so much going on for her anymore. no, i'm more happy with a single wish of 'Happy Birthday' which only means that people appreciate me enough to remember my birthday. and i appreciate that very much. it's the thought that counts. right, wishers? i do consider presents as bonuses, though. =]



yeah, i'm 21 now. doesn't differ much from being 20. it still feels the same. it'll probably feel different again when i'm turning 30. maybe i'll feel the same nervous/excited feeling like the time i turned 20. hurmm... maybe it is the change of the first digit that causes that nervous/excited-ness. whatever it is, i'm sure i'll be happier every other year. right now, i'm just focusing on being happy living life.

thanks for all the wishes and the gifts, people!

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