a nightmare.

i woke up early this morning. because i dreamt of something so bad. so bad that i woke up crying. shaking, gasping for air, i was crying so hard. and it frightened me that i cried so hard over a dream nightmare. all because it felt so real. too real. i woke up and found my hands covering my face in an act of protecting myself. shielding from what will hit me. i didn't know it would still haunt me. after all this years. i didn't know it would still hurt. i dreamt about being hurt but when i woke up, the pain is still there. i could still feel it. so i cried. how ironic it is, that i dared not cry in my dream. but as soon as i realise that i was no longer dreaming, the tears that rolled down my cheeks were unstoppable. i thought i had forgotten about it. i never ever want to remember how it feels again. so please. PLEASE. i'm begging you, stop haunting me.

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